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I grew up in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England, sport enthusiast seeking activity wherever i could find it. Studying Sport, Nutrition and exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University I gained the knowledge to further my healthy active lifestyle. Once graduating in 2013, I spent a year working in the education system as an Assessor and Tutor for PE and School Sports Apprentices with the intention to continue my education into becoming a teacher. Until my life path changed considerably...

The summer of 2014, I decided to move to Spain, living in the city of Cordoba. The city open my narrow eyes to the wider world, exposing the beauty of culture and patriotism of different nationalities. From there I experienced the wild wonders of Thailand's crazy cities, hidden National Parks and beautiful beaches. Thailand was the place in which ignited my passion to travel and explore this planet. 

I have since travelled 5/7 continents, over 30 countries and counting. Continuing to tick of my list with many planned this year.

Film has always been at the centre of my travels and over the years have worked with a number of companies linked within the travel industry to produce "promotional" videos. 

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