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10 reasons to move to Australia

1. Beaches

There are 10,685 beaches around Australia that if you visited a new beach each day of your life it would take you over 27years to see all of them.

Eighty Mile Beach on the Western coast of Australia is actually 140miles long.

2. Coffee

Starbucks tried but failed and 61/87 branches were forced to close.


3. Weather

Australia has the biggest range of extreme weathers from the highest ever temperature recorded in Queensland at 53.7" and the lowest temperature ever in New South Wales at -23". ..... a 77" difference in temperature.

4. Coogee Beach Christmas Parties

I don't know if anyone has heard but Christmas parties at Coogee are the bollocks.... although now banned but potentially reopening from an uproar from local business owners. These are some of the scenes in the last couple of years at Coogee Beach Christmas Piss ups..... 10,000+ backpackers, high on life and i'm sure other substances abusing the rare Christmas in 30 degree heat. What more would you want on Christmas Day... Beautiful People, Endless alcohol, DJ Set up, Scorching weather and BBQ's on the beach.

5. Breakfast


Breakfast in Australia is the thing to do, breakfast is the best meal of the day, usually always involving avocado and pretty much 100% of the time is worthy of a photo.

6. Bondi Beauties

It is true what they say there are some extremely attractively hot Australians and it has to be said they are a pretty good looking nation. I guess the fact they that are such an outdoor culture people are generally pretty fit and keep healthy. You want to see some good looking people, get yourself down to any beach, abs and bums everywhere!!!!

7. Sunday Sessions

"Work tomorrow....?"


"Shall we go out....?"

"You know the answer"

It doesn't matter that you had a heavy one on Saturday night, you have woken up feeling a bit ropy and you have work at 9am tomorrow morning... Sunday sessions are the best day of the week to go and have a drink.

8. Wildlife

From Crocodiles to Box jelly fish and Redback Spiders to Great white sharks and of course not forgetting the amounts of different snakes, there is too much variety in the Australian wildlife that can kill. As scary as that is it always makes the country what it is, especially when you see these animals and creatues on your door step.

9. Working life

The minimum wage in Australia is $17.70. So you could be earning minimum wage working on the beach in a little independent coffee shop with no care in the world and still be saving money to go on your next adventure.

Also.... did you know that the money is water proof!

10. The Bank Holidays

11 Bank holidays over the 52 weeks of the year is not too bad.

The work lifestyle culture in Australia is like no other, only way you can compare it to it the Spanish Siestas but spread out throughout the year for whole days allowing you to get royally f******* up on 10 bank holidays of the year.

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