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No Matter whether you are visiting Bali for a holiday for 1/2 weeks or whether you are buying an open ticket get the most out of your time in Indonesia by visiting the main highlights.


Tommie's Top 10 Travel Treats:

1. Gili Islands

Off the west coast of Lombok, 2hour fastboat ride from the East coast of Bali lie the 3 paradise isles of Gili Trawangan, Air and Meno. All with white sanded beaches surrounded by coral and abundance of marine life.

No motorised vechiles on the island, you've either got to walk, bike or go back to more primal times and get a horse and cart.


2. Mount Batur Volcano Hike

2am start from your hotel for a 3am ascent. Pathed for about 30% of the route before coming to rubbled walkways and then a steep Sandy climb to the peak of the volcano to enjoy an unreal misty sunrise.


3. Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud

Into the jungle of Ubud, well an area of older ruins covered in foliage and thick jungle like trees and branches which hundreds and hundreds of monkey roam. Costs about 10rupiah to enter the forest and straight away the size of some of the "Grandad" monkeys will scare the life out of you.


4. Tanah Lot Temple

Probably one of Bali's main landmarks for it unusual position virtually in the sea, famous for its beautiful sunset silhouette photographs and amazing Hindu religious history. At high tide you can certainly not get across to the temple with the waves crashing around it but at low tide you can go across the rocks and visit the breath taking temple.


5. Tegenungan Waterfall

This is the definition of a waterfall! One hell of a waterfall that you have to descend down hundreds of steps, up the river bank to the base of falls. You can get a great photo at the bottom or if you climb over the bamboo bridge and climb up the side of the waterfall you can get a different view of the falll from 70ft up. JUST BE CAREFUL!!


6. Tegalalang Rice Fields

Im sure many of us have visited rice fields in our time but these are absolutely stunning with incredible jungle surroundings and the add to them they are located just outside possibly the best area of Bali that you can travel, Ubud. There is such a diverse amount of activities and excursions you can do in this area of Bali.


7. Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida is one of a number of small islands off the East coast of the Bali mainland. These waters could be the bluest waters you will ever see in your life. There is no need to edit any photos as the colours are so vibrant and perfect already. The surrounding waters of the island are home to an abundance of different varieties of marine life including Manta rays, Turtles, Parrot fish and amazing coral. The island also has a beautiful coast line that you can get some epic photos.


8. Aling-Aling Waterfall Much more of a hidden gem of Bali, Aling-Aling Waterfall is one that not many travellers get a chance to see. Cliff jumping from 5-15meters high and also it has a fantastic 12meter waterslide. Pretty much nature's own free waterpark. You can get private tours here but the best option is to get to Sambangan and head 15minutes south and then either follow a private group or just ask the locals and you will be able to find it yourself on a little adventure.


9. La Plancha Bar, Double Six Beach

In my personally opinion possibly the best chilled out bar I have ever been to across the globe. Massive person size colourful beanbags with a variety of coloured umbrellas above you that once the sun goes down the lanterns come on and all the colours of the rainbow appear. Situated in Seminyak, on the southern coast of Bali itself, it is the perfect place to watch a Balinese sunset.


10. The Bali Magic Mushrooms

I guess its just one of those bucket list things that you have to try when you are in Bali, the classic magic mushroom shake. Some say a ticket to the moon, some turn their nose up at it. No matter your opinions on them, they are an attraction that brings people to Bali. Chilling on a beach in paradise with a mushy shake.

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