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The Perfect Filipino Secret Sunset

The Philippines is well known for its incredible landscape, beaches, lagoons and ofcourse its Sunsets. And yes you can sure see the sunset from anywhere but there is one specific place in Panglao Island that all the locals raved about as barely any tourists go here and the infamous Philippino Boats dock up for the night which gives the place the most unique spectacle.

The secret location looks me hours to find, having to navigate through a few little local villages and back streets... also I went the wrong way about 100 times.

The beach itself a named Danao Beach and is located on the Southern Tip of Panglao Island, it certainly wouldn't take too long to get to at all if you know the way to go. I have added a google maps location in the blog to help you guys.

Best way to travel around The Philippines is to hire your own moped for the time you are there. Usually costing around £5 a day, and gives you the freedom to explore whenever and wherever you like. Petrol is so cheap as well, and pretty much always served to you in old Vodka bottles.

The area of Alona beach has a good mixture of touristy nightlife but not too much like the hassle and bustle of Boracay. There are a lot of very expensive resorts around here and also a lot of very reasonable good quality hotels.

The best Hotels in Alona Beach

Mid-Range - Eco Hotel - Serviced Apartments - Alona Beach

Low-Range - Dormitels Bohol

With both of these accommodations if you ask for Tommie Travels discount they will give you around 10% off your stay and breakfast is included

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