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Eco Hotel - El Nido

El Nido, possibly the most popular tourist destination in the whole of the 7,000islands which make up The Philippines. Away from the hustle and bustle of El Nido town, 1.5km South is the new up and coming area of El Nido at Corong Corong Beach. A cleaner, more hospitable, less busy and overall so much nicer area of El Nido. It is the perfect distance outside of the main town and it will only cost you 50P by tricycle. The area has accomodations to fit all tourists but due to it becoming up and coming the majority of the places are much newer and modern than what you'd find in the town.

Eco Hotel, El Nido was the perfect accomodation for our time there. Situated right on the beach front, all rooms have a partial sea view from the balcony. The rooms are glorious, having that luxury feel but with Eco-Sustaniable elements throughout the rooms and hotel itself. For instance...! All rooms come with air con, Flat Screen TV's and amazing shower facilities. Obviously depending on how you book, but for us breakfast was included and there was an excellent variety of choices from Pancakes, omelette, Philippino/American/English breakfasts to choose from.

The staff were exceptional and catered for all needs whether it would be, extra pillows, sorting out transport, giving you advice about what to do in the area and organising your day trips. Overall I would highly recommend Eco Hotel, very reasonably priced, an absolutely beautiful location, extremely clean hotel with all the facilities and comfort you need for the craziness of El Nido

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