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Bed Bugs Everywhere @ Surf n Snow Backpackers

Another hostel thinking money over people!!! Our first night in Auckland... we have both been travelling for years and have moved away from staying at backpackers but with the prices in Auckland crazy high we decided to stay at a backpackers. Wasn't a problem at all, as ofcourse throughout our travels we have both stayed in tonnes and I personally have worked in a few.

After paying extauntionate prices for a double room in a hostel, then finding out the room has no window or air con. At 2am we woke up with bites on our backs, once turning the lights on to our utter disgust small and large bed bugs in the bed! I squashed one to confirm that it was a bed bug and blood went every where!! There was one bed bugs filled with blood that was the size of a pea. Absolutely disgusting!!! Going to reception the people on the desk I would say didn't seemed surprised at all although guess they had to act shocked. Once going back into the room a finding a massive bed bug we got all our stuff packed it up and got out of the room. After later chatting to the workers and long termers at the accomodation this has been going on for the last 6months. There has apparently been "professional" cleaners in but only to do 2 rooms NOT the whole accomodation have been exterminated. Ofcourse due to only half heartedly dealing with the problem this has courses he bed bugs to spread throughout the hostel. Workers and customers have all shown me bites on their bodies and some workers have just put up with it and bought bite cream to deal with the outbreak. During the last 6months more and more rooms have got the bed bugs to a point where all rooms have had instances but the hostel have been trying to keep it on the down low!!! Once again another hostel and accomodation morally not being concerned about their customers and not using common sense to close the hostel for a short period of time and exterminate the situation.

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