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Eco Hotel - Alona Beach

Alona Beach has recently become a very popular destination for tourists. Located on Panglao Island the area is filled with lots of tourist entertainment for example, bars and restaurants, karaokes, water sports and boat trips. The area is a perfect destination for an easy activity holiday with everything on your doorstep.

The hotel is situated just off the main road on Alona Beach, about a 5min walk to the beach and enough distance off the main strip where it can get quite lively at night, with bars and restaurants. With this being a chain the hotel holds extremely high standards of having that luxury feel with the Eco- Sustaniable elements in the rooms. A much smaller hotel than others in the Chain with only around 15rooms on site but it has such a great vibe about the place. The hotel has been built around an 100year old Acaia tree which is stunning and at night has lanterns that light up and you can get some great photos with the tree.

The rooms are immaculate and are actually serviced apartments so within the rooms they have cooking and washing facilities so you can cater for yourself. Which is always a great option to have to save money. Very modern design throughout the hotel and rooms which also gave you a lot of space in the rooms.

The staff were superb, helped us with all the attractions that we should do whilst in Alona Beach, organised getting a moped for us and also picked us up from the SeaPort at Tagbilaran. If you arrange the transfer it is much cheaper than if you were to get a taxi as it is around 30-40mins from the SeaPort to Alona Beach.

Overall Eco Hotel is a perfect place to stay at Alona Beach, with its perfect location just outside the touristy busyness and the luxury yet Eco-Sustainable apartments. I would highly recommend staying here during your stay in Alona Beach.

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