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Group travel has been an absolute game changer for us for so many different reasons!

Coming from a couple who have travelled a lot in the last 5years, I feel this is a big statement which we are willing to put out there. We have certainly had our eyes opened as there is so many positives of travelling as a group.

Here are 7 reasons why group travel is our new favourite way of travelling & why we loved travelling Cambodia as a group SO MUCH!

1. Everything is organised for you!

From the moment we got picked up at the airport to organising your onward travel, the Intro Travel group leaders organised everything for you. You don’t have to spend hours searching on hotel websites for the right accommodation for you. You don’t have to worry about continuously booking transportation between destinations. You don't have to worry about the activities and excursions being fully booked and having to research the must see's of the country.

You literally wake up and your day is organised for you... DREAM!

With everything being planned and paid for beforehand its a lot easier for you to budget on the trip as all you have to worry about is paying for occasional meals and drinks!

2. You will have a whole new friendship group.

Everybody on the tour is there because they have a genuine interest in travel meaning you instantly surround yourself with like-minded people.

We have met friends for life on this trip who we will never forget! Everyone brings their own little touch to the tour which makes it super special.

Group trips are made up of people from all different backgrounds from all over the world. Not only did we learn so much from our trip to Cambodia but we learnt so much from the people who were on the trip with us!

As a couple we can't recommend group travel enough as it's a lot more sociable and brings you out of that comfort zone which a lot of couples often find themselves in!

3. You experience things you wouldn’t normally do!

Travelling solo or as a couple is very easy to do what you want to do. In the past we found ourselves just following the classic to do list from the internet. Having Intro Travel linking with local guides and local travel companies they take you to places you wouldn't necessary choose, broadening your experience of the country. Such as, visiting the local floating villages outside of Siem Reap, seeing how a small community work together and live a semi nomadic life or taking a trip to a pepper plantation in Kampot.

The photo below is on our day out to the local floating villages, being escorted to our boats on some local transport.

4. You learn so much.

The beauty of group travel is that local guides were always involved meaning we always had the local inside knowledge. In previous years we have gone to local attractions with no guide, maybe read the odd plague and essentially took nothing in.

We also took part in many practical activities which provided us knowledge which I know we will all take away with us.

On our Cambodia trip we learnt such a variety of different aspects of the Khmer people, taking the traditional cooking class to learn simple dishes, speaking with survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime and learning how the community of the floating villages live day to day.

We learnt more in 10 days then we ever did travelling for months at a time thanks to the organised excursions!

5. You feel safe at all times! The tour leaders are professionals at keeping everyone together and knowing the best places to visit. We have travelled for a number of years and feel very confident travelling different countries but no matter where you are there is always a slight anxiousness in the back of your mind being in an unknown environment. However travelling as a group takes this anxiousness away due to, travelling with a large group of people, local guides and experienced group leaders.

The group leaders are not there to be our parents but it was so nice to have the reassurance that if anything was to go wrong they would be there for support. They will also take you to the best places which they know are trusty venues.

6.Your photo album will be booming!

I know its not all about getting photos but collectively as a group in Cambodia we smashed the best pictures which we shared and will have as memories which will last a lifetime.

Everyone had different levels of equipment which worked so well together. At the start of our trip Intro Travel recommended us all to download a sick photo sharing app which allowed us to load our photos each day - By the end of the trip we had an album full of the best shots!

7. You will smile from start to finish! Everyone is on top form, the fun is infectious! The laughs we had on our trip never ended!

Every single person will bring their best version of themselves to the table meaning the fun factor will be at its highest. Everyone wants to have a good time and that's exactly what happened on our Cambodia trip! We all made memories which will last forever and we can't wait to book ourselves onto the next group tour with Intro travel!


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