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Before departing for Sri Lanka we did do a little research into what to bring on my travels and I must admit I thought it could be a hard country to pack for due to its diverse landscapes, weather and climates which spreads across the whole of the country, from the sunny southern beaches to the cooler mountains in the middle of the country. You've also got to take into consideration that you will be visiting a number of temples and religious places and need to make sure you conform to any local customs and respects.

So here is my checklist of what I packed which ticked all the boxes and prepared me to travel the most amazing country all in one backpack... under 15 kg!

BEACH ATTIRE - On the second half of the Sri Lanka Experience, you have a couple of days on the beaches, surfing and being able to catch some rays so pack those swimsuits/Bikinis as Sri Lanka has some of the most beautiful beaches! Bring a beach towel/sarong to chill on as well! The beaches that you will hit up are:

- Hiriketiya Beach

- Dikwell Beach

- Weligama Beach

TRAINERS - You will be taking part in a few

hikes/walks to see some incredible views over this amazing country so make sure you bring appropriate footwear! The hikes are not too difficult and only roughly 30minutes without a steep climb but you certainly don't want to be doing these in your flip flops. The views from the top are well worth the short bit of exertion.

Here are some of the sights we viewed and walked.

Sigiriya - We climbed the viewpoint to witness a great view of Sigiriya.

Adams peak - Is another great short hike!

RAINJACKET - A lightweight rain jacket will save your life at times! Im not saying it rains all the time but it is Asia, you will have to expect a few downfalls! Always good to be prepared! Once you leave the coast at Negombo, the trip heads into the centre of the country, as you climb higher, of course the air gets milder and the clouds come in so your rain jacket may come out for a cheeky appearance!

SHORTS - I always bring a couple pairs of shorts with me, they make up so many different outfits for day time outfits to night time outfits!

ACTIVEWEAR - To be honest this is what I wore for the majority of the trip during the day. Leggings, sports tops and vests and shorts are all perfect for Sri Lanka, great for keeping you warm when needed in the cooler parts of the country and when on the train and air conditioned coach and then breathable for when you are on the hikes and working up a little bit of a sweat.

SARONG - This is an important one for the trip and it was great that Intro travel provided the whole team with a Sarong. Its important because Sri Lanka holds it's culture and religion in high regards and covering your shoulders and your knees when in religious areas and temples will show respect throughout the whole of your trip!

JUMPER & TOPS - Bring a jumper - A tip would be to wear it on the plane!

1. As its always a bit chilly willy on the planes!

2. leaves you more weight in your bag and it is always handy to have throughout the trip especially as it can get cold at times eg on the train from Kandy to Ella. Its almost always hot in Sri lanka so the one jumper will do!

I always pack 5 or 6 tops, Don't forget to pack tops which will cover your shoulders for when you visit the temples!

Always check on the airlines website before hand for weight restrictions!

EVENING WEAR - Sri Lanka has a very chilled night life so there is need to go over board with the outfits! They have super cool places to drink and hang out!

The restaurants which we went to on the trip were incredible!

SUN CREAM & BUG REPELLANT - Don't forget your suncream, it gets pretty spicy in Sri Lanka and temperatures are fairly constant all year round so don't be that lobster on day two! Do not let the sun ruin the rest of your trip!

Watch out for those Mosquities they can be little rascals out there guys! Be prepared!

Plan ahead to see what the weather/climate will be for your trip.

VISA - Before travelling to Sri Lanka you will need to arrange a ETA Visa! It takes no time at all to obtain and at the moment costs around $35 USD but may change! I would recommend doing it before you travel as it saves you having to do it when you arrive at the airport.


Of course don't forget the obvious - Passport, Travel insurance, Travel adapter (3 pin) , Money (Sri Lankan rupee) credit cards... and your SMILE!

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