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bamboo toothbrush - @BambuuBrush

With the world becoming increasingly educated on the impacts in which our planet and our oceans are having through the misuse of plastics, there are some fantastic eco friendly substitute products making their way into the market. 3.6billion plastic toothbrushes are purchased every year all around the world, it has been said that in USA alone 1billion of those end up in landfills each year.

@BambuuBrush are a small eco friendly company who launched 31st January 2018 and have some huge plans for the up and coming years with their #1millionby2020 campaign to help educate the every day person to swap away from plastic to a bamboo toothbrush. They have also a long term plan to organise and set up a recycling centre in South East Asia where the plastic pollution situation is at an all time high.

The bamboo toothbrush is a simple concept with a lot of meaning behind the eco friendly product. @BambuuBrush say "Yes it's only a toothbrush but... if you start an end your day in a sustainable way, this might ignite a flame for you to continue to make simple changes in you daily routine to reduce your plastic and carbon footprint to live a more sustainable lifestyle"

They will be using the power of social media in a positive to create change, the directors Tommie and Rebecca's background is in social media and after travelling the world for the last 6years they have built up a bank of contacts in social media and they have also seen first hand the impacts plastic are having on our planet.

It's time to take action and it's time that we all start making simple changes to our lives.



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