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Intro travel have been providing life changing travel experiences to some of the world’s most incredible destinations since 2005. You only have to check out Tourradar to see how many awards they have won! They are in a class above the rest.

As a company, when it comes to promoting their tours they will only be able to explain the main key points, however in this article I would like to talk about all the unhighlighted areas in which Intro Travel have absolute nailed as a company.

Of course the Intro Bali trip is full of once in a lifetime experiences such as visiting ancient temples, chasing waterfalls, experiencing stunning sunsets, crazy nightlife, surfing, wild Dolphin searching, culture exchange & education, discovering all 3 beautiful Gili Islands, snorkeling with turtles, trekking up Volcano’s and much much more but let me tell you the other hidden gems in this epic tour!


Intro Travel have selected a handful of incredible places to stay throughout the trip which really reflect the area in which you are located.

The service is incredible at each place and all is extremely clean. Each place gives you an all round experience of Bali.

Going from the modern hotel which is super cool and quirky in Canggu to the Jungle retreat situated in the heart of Ubud to a boasting beachfront accommodation located on the paradise island of Gili T.

Bali is full of diversity which shines throughout all the places we stayed on our #introbali tour.

I can hand on heart say each place we stayed was truly fantastic but if I had to pick one favourite it would have to be Intro Travel’s privately owned villa exclusive to group members of Intro Bali, located in Lovina which is perched on a hillside, overlooking the rice terraces of the Ayung river valley. The infinity pool was the perfect playground for sunset beers and early morning sunrise coffees. The fact we had the villa all to ourselves made the experience that little bit more special!


Bali is a beautiful destination for food, it has countless eating options: every cuisine, every style, every budget. The diversity, quality and value make it an incredible food destination.

The restaurants which Intro Travel have chosen are the best of the best, each night we couldn’t wait for food!

Breakfast was included on the trip for 8 days and catered for all types of eaters! We had the most stunning home cooked meals, one at a family run guesthouse in Lovina and also a delicious balinese buffet cooked for us at the private villa which were both included in the trip as well. Overall you get 11 meals included in your trip so you'll get the chance to try lots of different foods! Not only is the food amazing in Bali but also the the Bintang beer and cocktails, perfect to accompany your delicious meals.

3.Group leader

When you’re travelling solo, you’re the one who’s accountable for finding accommodation, getting there, finding food and drink and making sure you get the best experience out of your own trip, sometimes that can add extra stress! Which is why it is such a bonus to have a group leader involved in your trip! Our tour leader was an absolute legend and help every single one of us in so many ways to experience the best of Bali.

He provided us with endless laughs and memories which we will will hold onto forever. Joshie had an incredible skill of engaging people in the group with others which is a superpower in itself.

Having a group leader is definitely one of the best things about travelling with Intro Travel, not only do they provide you with security but the guidance they give you is unreal. When you travel by yourself, in a country where you don’t speak the language, there’s no one to ask the abundance of questions you might have. On a tour, no matter how silly our query was, our leader was there to help!

He provided us all with a trip of a lifetime and it's safe to say he'll be as much of a part of our memories as Bali will be.


Wild Dolphin watching

Mount Batur

Travelling with a group cuts out the stress of having to plan itineraries, figure out transportation, from place to place, book tickets and much more!

From the moment we landed in Bali we were picked up from the airport and taken straight to our hotel, hassel free.

We didn’t need to think about anything whilst we were on our trip, the transport was organised (and always on time), the restaurants were planned out for us, the excursions were all sorted, the ferry tickets were all purchased, we even had our luggage taken separately to our next destinations. It was amazing that Intro Travel organised all local tour guides as well, if I was travelling solo I wouldn't know where to start with getting a tour guide, I would of probably winged it by searching the endless articles online which have little inside knowledge at all.

Group tour life is SICK!!!


Local tour guide

Intro Travel pride themselves on supporting local communities, one way they implement this into their tours is using local tour guides.

Local tour guides take pride in their country and share more relevant and updated information. We learnt so much from the local guides on our trip they were able to explain the local culture and traditions and gave us local insights about the places we visited.

When you’re not on a group tour, without a tour leader it’s so easy to walk past tourist attractions, temples, or monuments without really knowing what they are. Most people don’t spend the time researching small information about a destination before they go, so its so handy having a local guide to tell you all the inside information.

At the start of the trip we were taught helpful phrases which we all used throughout the 12 days.

Basket weaving Gedes family

Not only did we gain knowledge from the local guides but also from the excursions in which Intro Travel had planned for us. On day 5 we visited a balinese family in Lovina, north of Bali. The beautiful family taught us all how to weave baskets and educated us on all the herbs they grow which can be used for remedies.

We gained so much knowledge from this trip and learnt so much about the country and the beautiful culture!

Bali is the world of culture and traditions, we took full advantage by learning as much as possible in just 12 days, thanks to the education Intro Travel provide on their trips.

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